Mcdonalds needs to close because of a lack of employees

News 8 September, 2017
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    Thursday, September 7, 2017 11:13

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    VAL-D’OR | The Mcdonald’s in the city centre of Val-d’or has had to temporarily close its doors due to the shortage of workers that is rampant in the Abitibi region.

    The owner, Isabelle Leblanc, has never seen such a situation in 37 years. She had to decide to close his business and transfer the employees to its other two restaurants in Val-d’or, a city of 32 000 citizens.

    Before closing his restaurant for a few weeks, Mrs. jones had decided to close their restaurants during the night and increase the wages of its full-time employees to $ 13 an hour, nearly $ 2 more than minimum wage.

    In spite of everything, she was unable to meet his needs due to the return to school of many of its employees and the significant shortage of workers in Abitibi.

    Only in Val-d’or, at least 400 jobs would not be filled, according to the Chamber of commerce. Isabelle Leblanc says that she could easily hire 50 more people.

    The lack of workforce is most serious since 2011. The mining industry runs at full speed and draws a lot of workers, with high salaries.

    To alleviate the problem, Ms. Leblanc, who owns the franchises of Mcdonald’s in Val-D’or, Amos, La Sarre and Malartic mine, has also hired foreign workers.

    “Since April that it is ultra difficult, but with the return to school, it is worse, says Isabelle Leblanc. So we will repatriate all the world to two other restaurants in Val-d’or for about three weeks, in time for a blitz of adequate training and hiring. It is a decision that they do not burn the employees in place, and I’m sorry that it affects customers. “

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    Isabelle Leblanc, center, with his employees, Sonia Letiecq and Melanie Nolet, in his restaurant Mcdonald’s in Amos, must appeal to foreign workers to fill the shortages of manpower.

    Increase sales

    This is not the fault of clients that she takes this decision, as it records an increase in sales of 5%, even if it is closed at night.

    It is also said to have noticed that other restaurants and businesses in Val-d’or have reduced their opening hours due to lack of employees also.

    “Entrepreneurs are so desperate. We fly all the world, ” laments the owner of the Mcdonald s.

    The unemployment rate in Abitibi is among the lowest in Quebec, at 4.7%.

    “It has always been a priority, but it is increasingly. There is the reality of socio-demographic and students who go back to school, ” says the director of the Chamber of commerce Hélène Paradis.

    According to the Observatoire de l’abitibi-Témiscamingue, a catering company or accommodation on three displays vacant positions.

    Welcome to immigrants

    The solution is to ensure that the foreign workers, believes Isabelle Leblanc. She has hosted several since 2012, but they are mostly gone to the larger centres, once permanent residence is obtained.

    “You need the government. It must be a policy that would encourage people who are going to settle in the regions. And it should not be that it takes a year to make these decisions, otherwise we will die “, said Isabelle Leblanc.

    Hélène Paradis also believes that immigration is a track of interesting solution, which is currently being considered.