Mcdonalds wants to rob him of his brand

News 21 March, 2018
  • Photo Chantal Poirier
    The owner of the company Champibec Inc., Maxime Fullum, here in his greenhouse for mushrooms located in Lac-Brome, in Estrie, is fighting against the giant Mcdonald’s, which wants to prevent use of the trade-mark MCDelivery.

    Pierre Couture

    Wednesday, 21 march, 2018 00:00

    Wednesday, 21 march, 2018 00:00

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    A quebec producer of mushrooms is fighting against the giant of the fast food restaurants Mcdonald’s to enforce the rights that it said hold on the trademark McDelivery in Canada.

    “Mcdonald’s refuses to recognize my rights to the mark McDelivery in the country. They act as if I didn’t exist, ” laments the owner of the company Champibec Inc., Maxime Fullum.

    The latter, which produces mushrooms at its facilities in Lac-Brome in the eastern Townships, is said to have put the hand on the trade-mark McDelivery in 2015.

    The official records of the Office of intellectual property of Canada (CIPO) show that Mr. Fullum has obtained a notice of approval on the domain name and McLivraison, and the trade-mark McDelivery.

    “I have been producing mushrooms and I have to deliver to my clients such as restaurants and at grocery stores. The trade-mark was available. I filed a claim and I got the rights. MCDelivery in my case, this is for Mushroom Canada, ” he explains.


    However, Mr. Fullum has made a jump when he has received a formal notice from the lawyers of Mcdonald’s Canada which challenged the notice of approval of the CIPO.

    “Mcdonald’s continues to ignore my requests, and uses the brand McDelivery as if nothing had happened,” he said.

    Mcdonald’s is opposed to the rights on the trademark awarded to Mr. Fullum in 2015.

    Mcdonald’s argued that the mark McDelivery belongs to him, whereas since 2012, the multinational company had forgotten to renew the rights on this trade-mark in Canada.

    Photo courtesy

    Delivery truck MCDelivery Mr. Fullum.

    “Mr. Fullum is not the proprietor of the trade mark McDelivery/McLivraison. He simply filed an application for registration of the name McDelivery/McLivraison in Canada a month after Mcdonald’s announced the launch of the pilot project McLivraison in the United States, ” underlined yesterday the spokesman for Mcdonald’s Canada, Anne-Julie Maltais.


    Maxime Fullum said to be open to an agreement out of court with Mcdonald s. Until now, the talks, and the offers of Mcdonald’s have failed to reach an agreement.

    “I’ve put over 7500 $ in this story. I am not looking to make money with it. But I believe that Mcdonald’s can make its end. To date, they have offered me 3000 $. I’m sure it must cost them much more in lawyers ‘ fees “, argues the producer of mushrooms.