Media: On the failure of the submarine “San Juan” became known in September

News 6 December, 2017

In early autumn, the crew of the Argentine submarine “San Juan” reported the failure of the vessel. Clarin reported, citing a Navy report States.


According to the newspaper, it was the fault of the snorkel that resulted in ingress of sea water into the submarine. Then managed to prevent flooding of important compartments. Bearing in mind the report of the military base of Puerto Belgrano, in the following year, “San Juan” had to send for repairs.

The media also reported that the above document was not in the hands of the management of the Navy. Defense Minister of Argentina Oscar Aguada learned about the existence of the report only a few days ago in the process of an internal investigation. After the data about the damage the submarine even went to the open sea, but any problems were recorded.

The submarine “San Juan” do not get in touch with on 15 November. During the last session the crew reported the accident. On its Board there were 44 persons.