Media: Women in Saudi Arabia allowed to work in restaurants In the World : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

In Saudi Arabia, will create a special Board of masters. The organization will consider the employment of women in the field of catering. This was informed by the local media.


Women in Saudi Arabia will soon be able to work in restaurants. While the planned employment of the fairer sex at 16 institutions of the country during the probation period. To control the process will create a special consultative organization, which will include the owners of the restaurant, ready to take on the work of women. Today in the Kingdom more than 30 percent of unemployed women, the overall percentage of unemployment in the country is becoming 12. This measure will be part of the economic reforms of the state’s “Vision 2030”, which will increase the percentage of working women.

Earlier it became known that the city of Jeddah opened the first in the Kingdom of the dealership, which employs women exclusively.