MEDICARE refuses to pay for the treatment of a rare genetic disease

News 6 February, 2018
    Mp pq’s Agnès Maltais deplores the fact that the RAMQ does not cover treatments for the amélogenèse imperfect.

    Pascal Dugas Drone

    Tuesday, February 6, 2018 17:23

    Tuesday, 6 February 2018 17:24

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    QUEBEC | parents whose children are struggling with a rare disease of the teeth must cost several tens of thousands of dollars for care that the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) refuses to cover.

    The amélogenèse imperfect, a rare genetic disease which attacks the enamel of the teeth, is not one of the diseases whose care is reimbursed by the card sun because it is considered by MEDICARE as needing dental care. However, the majority of dental care are not covered by the Régie at the age of 10 years.

    However, the disease is suffering. The teeth are hypersensitive to cold and heat, certain foods can erode the teeth and the operations necessary for the safeguarding of the dentition are complex and painful.

    “We do not speak of aesthetic treatment, neglect or poor dental hygiene, explained the mp, pq’s Agnès Maltais, during a press conference.

    “This is a disease that endangers much more than the teeth, it endangers the overall health of people who are affected by it. The amélogenèse imperfect must have the same coverage of care than any disease”, added Ms. Maltese.

    Cry from the heart of a young girl

    A 14 year-old girl suffering from the disease, Florence Mireault, came to bear witness of his daily life, in the national Assembly, Tuesday. She directly challenged the minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, about the fact that her parents must pay large sums of money for treatments.

    “I can learn how to manage my stress before the operations, and I can get used to I spend a wide variety of foods. I can even train myself to not let me reach through the notes mean. But there is something that I can’t do it all alone and I need you, Mr. Barrette. Can you help me remove the weight from the invoice that comes with my genetic disease?”, she asked with aplomb, during the press conference.

    In addition, Ms. Maltais tabled in the national Assembly a petition of 1202 names that request to the RAMQ will reimburse all care related to the disease, regardless of the age of the patient.