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Entertainment, Techno 13 July, 2017


Between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry things speed up. The two lovers who live separated from one another could quickly take full advantage of their relationship.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are in love, but an ocean separates them. In London, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton were invited by queen Elizabeth at a gala dinner in honour of the king and queen of Spain at Buckingham palace. On his side, Meghan Markle celebrated the 100th episode of the series Suits in Toronto. The girlfriend of Prince Harry, who has appeared more than once very sexy in the american series, celebrated this milestone with the other cast members. There was Patrick J Adams, who plays the role of Mike Ross, Gabriel Macht, Rick Hoffman or Sarah Rafferty. For the occasion, they were able to enjoy a cake representing symbolically the tower that houses the offices of their law firm mock. An imposing cake, accompanied by several bottles of champagne.

A beautiful professional stage, the young woman had to live away from his beloved. It is indeed difficult for the couple to spend a lot of time together. But lately, it seems that the two lovebirds would have made a step toward the wedding. According to information of the Daily Mail, Prince Harry would be on the point of asking the actress to marry him. On July 4, Meghan Markle would have made in a store specializing in bridal dresses. And according to the information of InTouch, the Prince Harry is in the process of looking for a house in Toronto to be closer to his sweetheart. The lovers will live there in London, at Kensington Palace, or Toronto ? One thing is certain, they should soon be fully enjoy their relationship, without having ever to cross the Atlantic ocean.

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