Meghan Markle will celebrate Christmas with Elizabeth II

News 18 December, 2017

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was invited to the celebration of Christmas, which always takes place in a narrow circle with all the rules of etiquette, the bride of his grandson Prince Harry of Wales Meghan Markle.


For the first time a person not belonging to the Royal family, will attend the Christmas party in the Royal residence of Sandringham. Although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle only engaged, Elizabeth II is fascinated with Megan, in violation of the rules requiring the presence at the celebration in Sandringham only couples invited her to the party.


Kate Middleton will help my future cousin in preparing for the reception. She herself was not honored to attend the reception, when she was engaged with Prince William. The stories of Royal biographer: “She was so nervous when I first came to the Queen, and understands how hard Ms. Markle“.


The evening of 24 December, the Royal family will gather for dinner. Participants must adhere to the dress code, namely, ladies dresses to evening dresses outlet, and gentlemen – bow ties. Outfit Megan Markle is kept in strict confidence.

On Christmas morning Megan Markle will attend a Christmas Church service, and then go on the traditional festive dinner together with the whole Royal family.