Meizu M5 Note: 2 tricks we really kiffé on the smartphone of less than 230 euros!

Techno 8 June, 2017

The Meizu M5 Note is a smartphone of 5.5 inches well equipped and whose price is less than 230 euros. And here are the 3 tricks that we really kiffé on this device.
Since he arrived at the editorial office, the M5 Note impresses us. This 5.5-inch smartphone that is compatible with the 800 MHz band (this famous 4G frequency) is very well finished. For a mid-range phablette, one can even say that the finishes are perfect. And this is felt at the level of the grip which is very nice. But beyond this good ergonomics, Meizu’s M5 Note also has other advantages … And here are the tricks that we really kiffé on this device.
To supply power to its M5 Note, Meizu equipped it with an imposing battery of 4000 mAh . The result is a very good endurance. In fact, the M5 Note can provide about 2 days of normal use. If you use it as a true geek, it will easily hold the day. On the other hand, below 30%, the battery level drops very quickly. But hey, we’re not going to do our tough. If you want to shopper this Meizu M5 Note, this is where it goes.