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The summit of the G-20 is open Friday, July 7, at Hamburg in Germany. An appointment which was attended by the spouses Trump, in the company of German chancellor Angela Merkel and her husband, to whom she is united for the past 19 years, Joachim Sauer. They reserve their guests a cultural day fully charged.

After a quick visit in Poland, the president of the United States and his wife Melania Trump were landed on Thursday evening in Germany. After a few hours of respite only, they are found in the heart of Hamburg to attend the opening of the G-20. An event which they are attending for the first time. For this first meeting, Angela Merkel and her quiet husband, had booked a day dense. As explained in the Huff Post, the program was composed of a passage through the port of Hamburg, a visit to the town hall, without forgetting for a moment the Elbe Philharmonic hall to listen to a concert and the european anthem, followed by a dinner, according to the official press release.

Finally, Joachim Sauer, age 68, had planned a discovery novel. Him, who has made a career in quantum chemistry, wanted to show them the laboratory of the German research Center computer in the city : a symbolic place where one studies the global warming, a few weeks after the announcement thunder from Donald Trump to want to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate.

In reality, Trump will not be of the visit, since he has an appointment with his counterparts. Among them, Vladimir Putin, that he should meet in the afternoon as well as Xi Jinping. So this is the First Lady who will play the scientists, alone, to the side of Joachim Sauer. The head of State will be there not too jealous of this attention ? Melania Trump in any case, can rejoice in the moment : the More she travels, the more it takes confidence in it. Indeed, at the outset, it was not really enthusiastic at the idea of holding a role of First Lady. Well, yes, the former model married to a business man does not expect to have to accompany her husband to the White House. And if in the beginning, many american media have glossed over the fact that she did not want this role… since his move, Melania Trump seems to be little by little more comfortable.

16.00 Uhr, Ankunft der Air Force One auf dem Flughafen in Hamburg. #Potus Donald Trump und @flotus Melania Trump sind zum first Mal in Deutschland. Für beide ist es auch die erste Teilnahme year einem #G20-Summit. –4 p. m., arrival of Air Force One at Hamburg Airport. For potus @realdonaldtrump and flotus it is their first official visit to Germany, as well as their first G20 Summit.

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