Melania trump was published for the first time after the scandal : In the World : Vladim

News 26 January, 2018

US first lady Melania trump first came to light after the scandal with Stormy Daniels. We are talking about relations of an American President Donald trump and a porn star that took place in 2006, but became known to the public only now. However, a genuine interest relevant to this story, trump’s wife Melania.


To comment on the affair of her husband with porn star Melania did not. We only know that she refused to accompany a spouse on a business trip to Davos.


The first lady visits Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington was her first public appearance since then, as the story of the Stormy disclosed. She posted Twitter photos of the Museum and escorted them by saying that all her thoughts and prayers are with the people whose lives are crippled and destroyed the Holocaust.

Then Melania addressed thanks to the Museum staff, who organized a powerful emotional tour of the exhibition. The first lady stressed that I was glad to pay tribute to the millions of innocent victims.