Melty Future Awards 2017: Sulivan Gwed invited and present!

News 5 January, 2017

Last year, during the melty Future Awards 2016 Sulivan GWED was sacred Coming Soon Male when he was appointed face Olivier Dion, Lilian Renaud, Marvin Dupre and Mad and Bee.
Because he is young (barely 16 years old), talented (he is funny and offbeat) and promising (he has all the future in front of him), his fans have mobilized to see him win; And this year they are demanding his return to the MFA, which will take place on February 6th at the Grand Rex in Paris. Wish asked, wish fulfilled? Yes ! As many of you want it on stage, it makes you kiffer: the young at YouTubeur million subscribers (1,277,302 exactly) will be there the day of the ceremony!
But Sulivan Gwed will not only be there to spend an evening of phew … No, no! Since he leaves his place of “Coming Soon”, it is to his successor that he will give the same price to the MFA 2017. So will he pass it on to vineyard Adèle Castillon, actress Eleonore Sarrazin, The footballer Layvin Kurzawa, the singer Nemo Schiffman or the chronicler Panayotis Pascot? For the moment the votes are tight keep voting for your favorite tie appointed MFA in category Coming Soon ! And while waiting to know the name of the winner, one thing is certain: the one who started under the pseudo A Panda Moqueur already has its ticket for the melty Future Awards 2017!
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