Meme chef opens a restaurant in new York : In the World : Vladim

News 17 January, 2018

Nusret Gokce famous throughout the world for its very extravagant way to put on meat dishes of various condiments, which immediately became Internet memes, is going to open in new York its own restaurant.


In social networks he was awarded a special hashtag saltbae, which he intends to use as the title of their institution, specialising in steaks. The restaurant can simultaneously serve up to 230 customers, however, 80 of them will be located on the open ground, and steel 150 will be directly inside it. Restaurant sign will represent the cook in the pose that made him famous all over the world.

It is worth noting that his official account on micro-blogging network Twitter has already collected about 280 thousand fans subscribed to his updates, and he became famous at the beginning of last year, when it short video began to spread in social networks.