Men from the Irish village complained of a too long erection

News 6 December, 2017

Representatives of the stronger sex, living in the village of Ringaskiddy in Ireland began to complain too prolonged erections, which sometimes even stops. The reason for that was emissions of the local plant, containing some substance.


Edition of the Irish Post published the information that due to emissions of the plant, which produces chemicals for the treatment and prevention of male impotence, the locals become sex giant. Moreover, the male population of the village complains about the excessively long period of erection, which interferes with their daily activities.

However, the views of residents on the subject were divided. Some say that they feel constant discomfort because of its constant state of full alert. Others believe that the effects of the emissions that are brought to the village with the wind, are strictly positive. One of the local residents noticed that because of this situation, in the village, even animals have a constant erection.