Mercier now has its own police force

News 17 July, 2017
  • Photo Claudia Berthiaume

    QMI agency

    Monday, 17 July, 2017 15:16

    Monday, 17 July, 2017 15:21

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    MERCIER| The City of Mercier, in Montérégie, presented Monday morning the new police force consisted of 19 officers to serve its 13,000 citizens.

    This is an old post of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) that has been converted to house the police Mercier.

    The agents will have at their disposal 10 cruisers new as well as a van for the forensic identification.

    The body of police Mercier is level 2; it has, among other things, a reconstructionist to the scene of a collision.

    The mayor of Mercier had requested the support of the citizens in order to build its own body of police to create savings. Mercier was served, since 2003, the city of Châteauguay, at a cost of $ 3.5 million per year. It will now cost $ 3.2 million, a savings of $ 300,000 annually.

    “This is a historic moment for the city of Mercier and the citizens,” said this morning the mayor, Lise Michaud, during the presentation to the media of their police force.