Messi, Griezmann, Suarez … What is this addiction to mate?

Sport 6 December, 2016

lionel-messi-luis-suarez-antoine-griezmannMate is one of the favorite drinks of footballers, often appear with their small bowl and a straw in his mouth. Why so successful?

Tea or coffee ? For them, it will be more mate! Bin yes, you do not know this drink? Ok, it does not run the cards French bistro but yet it is one of the favorite footballers. And not those of the Sunday morning! Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani still often appear with their gourd and metal straw when traveling. And this habit came from South America has already attracted a few European players since our Antoine Griezmann national it is placed. Best known in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, mate, which contains caffeine, is prepared by infusing the leaves of yerba mate. The benefit for soccer players? This is a good stimulant since it improves responsiveness and ability to concentrate. Yes, but not only … Here’s why many are banging a small bowl with a straw before hitting a ball! Read also: All that changes when your girl comes to see you play football .
– Apparently, it improves the accuracy in front of goal … Is not Edinson?

– We can get their teeth on the metal straw. Handy when you tend to bite something else. One person is …

– It alters your perception of danger, you think you have all the time in front of you to get the ball. Marco Verratti has fallen into a pot is small.

– It slows the aging of cells: you now know what was in the bottle Giggs.
– It improves with time, they found a plantation of yerba mate in Iniesta.
– It would lose weight but Ben Arfa has not tried …
– You’re getting faster. Theo Walcott abused as a teenager.

– More advance the game, you’re more focused. The Ramos effect!
– Attention, there is also a risk of weight gain in later levels. Hulk was not aware …
Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Antoine Griezmann, Edinson Cavani, mate, addiction
Kim K has better watch out!
– Speaking of side effects, it can, in some cases, cause slurred speech.