Mexican with 48-inch penis gave a disability

News 21 December, 2017

54-year-old resident of Mexico argues that this “dignity” literally prevents him from walking, not to mention work.


54-year-old resident of the Mexican town of Saltillo has the penis of length 48 cm the Man claims that this “dignity” prevent him to find a job. After all, his physical capabilities are very limited unlike other employees. Roberto Esquivel the owner of such “dignity” – is unable to move quickly, to sit down and wear normal clothing because of the penis in a 48 cm long. Therefore, employers often denied him in the workplace, believing such an employee unpromising.

Roberto had already been three times applied for the purpose of his disability. However, the government agreed to such an application only for the third time. Roberto Esquivel considered disabled and receive benefits. In addition, a man may be free to eat. However, to solve the problem surgically, the Mexican does not want. Roberto hopes to make a resounding career in porn.