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Entertainment, Techno 2 August, 2017


More than Danyellah, most of Louka. Michel Polnareff would now very much alone in his home in Los Angeles. According to the magazine Ici Paris, his companion had left to return to France, taking their 6 year old son, tired of see the singer shut himself in the work.

Rumor or truth ? Despite the image ofa solid couple and accomplice in the face of adversity, it would seem that Michel Polnareff and his girlfriend Danyellah are finally separated. It is in any case what was said in the magazine Here in Paris, Wednesday, 2 August. According to the publication, the model 42 would have left the family home in Los Angeles, is furious, taking with her her son, Louka, 6 years. Crisis, screams, door slams, Danyellah takes its cliques, slaps her, her child, and goes to the airport, one can read in the pages ofIci Paris.


According to information from the magazine, the young woman would be tired of the repeated absences of the singer. This last one would be obsessed with the idea of finishing his new album, whose release has been repeatedly announced and then postponed. Michel Polnareff, today aged 73 years and whose health is fragile, live almost reclusive in his recording studio, busy to add constantly a new twist to such or such a piece. A perfectionist to the extreme, for this record that his fans have come to expect for nearly thirty years.


Danyellah, desperate, would, therefore, have decided to leave California to return home to his mother, who lives in Montpellier. A radical decision, which we do not know yet if it will put a definitive end to their beautiful love story, or if it has the purpose to wake the singer, to make her finally open her eyes. Because she loves him, that’s for sure. In December last, that he had been hospitalized for a pulmonary embolism, she wrote to Gala : I sleep there. I am at his bedside, and I am in your company to keep the moral, which is not very good. He realized that he was close to death. At the time, she said she was very worried and criticized already in his man of too much work.It is above all the work that has been exhausted , “said she. May be feared-it still today for his health? Perhaps would like to pull the alarm? In any case, it will no doubt singer has a lot of determination, and of good resolutions, to hope to reclaim her beautiful.

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