Microsoft Surface Pro 5: An embedded SIM card?

Techno 23 December, 2016

Several months separate us from the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 but, rumors are already blooming on the web. The latest one concerns the embedded chip of the future tablet

Microsoft would prepare us very heavy in 2017. The Redmond company is expected to unveil during the spring 2017, the first Surface Phone but also the highly anticipated Surface Pro 5. And the latest news, the new tablet could see very muscular features . Riding on the success of its Surface Pro 4 is selling better through the reserved reception experienced by the MacBook Pro 2016 , Microsoft has decided to equip its future tablet 2 in 1 eSim a card. In other words, the Surface Pro 5 would automatically embed a SIM chip and meltyStyle tells you more.

The ESIM card is irremovable . Being integrated directly into the system of the device, this technology allows to have a single SIM in several different countries and to constantly connect to a cellular network (no need to look for a WIFI what). And according to the latest rumors, the Surface Pro 5 is equipped with Intel processors Kaby Lake and bear the 4K , including a 14-inch screen. While waiting to learn more, you can discover how Microsoft has tackled Apple in its latest advertising