Microsoft: The giant’s return to Apple and Google

Techno 15 May, 2017

Microsoft impressed this week with its BUILD conference. The dad of Windows signed his return in the court of Apple and Google according to the chronic geek.
A few months ago, few observers would have bet on Microsoft. Redmond seemed to be losing momentum in recent years. With Ballmer era (its former leader), the firm had missed all the major technological turning points: the smartphone, the tablet or the connected objects. Faced with an Apple or a Google that never ceases to innovate with its Home , Microsoft looked bad. The field of the company, his favorite field, even began to escape him in favor of the partnership between Apple and IBM. All this seems of ancient history. Redmond is back in the race! His BUILD conference, held this week, is a perfect illustration of the work initiated by Satya Nadella for several years.
The BUILD conference corrected the major software gaps of the American firm. This includes a major upgrade of Windows planned for the beginning of 2017. It will focus on the design, totally redesigned and much more modern. This new “language” should be present in all Microsoft products in the future, including the brand new Surface Laptop . The “Windows Store” also had the right to special attention. It should see its extensive application catalog, with the arrival of Spotify and iTunes for example. Windows 10 S – new declension of the flagship OS – indeed requires software from the virtual shop of the manufacturer.
Apple and Google had something that Microsoft could not define: a clear vision. At the end of this 2017 edition of the BUILD conference , one feels that the firm of Bill Gates has finally acquired one. The different software of the manufacturer will be part of a common project, while the developers will be pampered. Augmented reality is also at the core of Microsoft’s strategy. HoloLens is a product in which the company believes deeply. The BUILD 2017 is an excellent vintage, the Google I / O and WWDC 2017, recently announced , have only to hold well. Microsoft has no longer to blush against Google and Apple. What do you think ?