Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Edition Game of the Year available on PS4 Pro

Techno 16 November, 2016

terre-du-milieu-l-ombre-du-mordor-sauronMonolith and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the release of version PS4 Pro Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor with a trailer to discover here.
Lord of the Rings fans, remember: in 2014 out Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, which we showed you a release date and new trailer there are more than two years. A game from Monolith where one embodied retaliation, a Gondorian guard of the Black Gate of Mordor , which, after being killed and cursed by orcas, was offered a second chance to avenge his family. Neither alive nor dead, and helped an elf in the same situation as him, Celebrimbor, he must track down her killer to get rid of the curse. An album that had been successful on PS4, to the point of receiving more than 25 awards , including the price of the game of the year at 2015 Game Developers Choice Awards.

Well aware that the spring game on PS4 Pro in a new edition . Called Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor game of the year edition , it offers to hang on the land of Sauron in 4K with a 30FPS experience that, during times when the game requires a graphics power higher, uses a closed-resolution dynamic range for a uniform display and better. A graphically more interesting game, available again and announced by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in a new trailer ever more orcs , still more revenge and more and more of sword fighting. To stay on the game, the writing you spoke some time ago of Shadow of Mordor, and the first DLC revealed, Lord of the Hunt. Did you like the game at the time of its release?