Mike Duffy continues the Senate, and the attorney general for $8 million

News 24 August, 2017

    Boris Proulx

    Thursday, 24 August, 2017 13:21

    Thursday, 24 August, 2017 13:28

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    OTTAWA-The conservative senator Mike Duffy continues the federal government to have suffered from the suspension of the senate.

    “M Duffy suffered from depression, anxiety, loss of salary”, has listed his lawyer Lawrence Greenspon to justify the amount of 8M$ claimed by Mr. Duffy to the canadian government.

    Mike Duffy has been cleared in march to 31 counts of fraud, corruption and breach of trust. The Crown criticized Mike Duffy’s statement that its chalet of the Island-the Prince Edward island was his principal residence, which has allowed him to touch tens of thousands of dollars in allocation.

    During the proceedings, he has been suspended from the senate for almost 2 years.

    “M Duffy was treated as if he was guilty before he is judged. It is an injustice,” says his lawyer.

    More details to come.