Minister Moreau “happy” with the agreement with the special constables and the guards of the body

News 10 July, 2017
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    Monday, 10 July 2017 12:09

    Monday, 10 July 2017 12:09

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    The minister responsible for government Administration and president of the treasury Board, Pierre Moreau, said he was pleased, on Monday, regarding the agreement in principle with the special constables and private security guards to renew their collective agreement of 5 years.

    The government of Quebec is heard Friday, with the Union of the special constables of the government of Quebec (SCSGQ), which represents about 400 special constables of the State, as well as with the professional Association of bodyguards of the government of Quebec, that negotiates for the sixty body-guards of the government.

    “The discussions between the government and the associations have helped, in both cases, the signing of an agreement to the benefit of both parties, and I am glad of it. I am also proud to recall that up to now, the government has entered into agreements with 510 000 State employees, which represents more than 95 % of the unionized staff of the public and parapublic sectors”, the minister said Moreau by press release.

    “I see so positively the negotiations that remained to be done with the other trade union associations”, he added.

    On Friday, the president of the SCSGQ, Franck Perales, had shown himself satisfied with this arrangement, the details of which were not disclosed. Without a collective agreement since April 1, 2015, union members must vote to ratify this agreement.

    In recent years, the SCSGP has sounded the alarm on several occasions on the lack of special constables in the palace of justice of the province. He criticized in particular the government to save money by outsourcing their tasks to security officers.