Ministry of health warns: In Moscow, a man dismembered welder for Smoking

News 19 December, 2017

45-the summer inhabitant of Irkutsk has been arrested on suspicion of murder committed with special cruelty in Moscow. The cause of the incident was Smoking.


Today, December 19, it became known that on suspicion in committing a brutal murder welder Metropolitan service detained his colleague, 45-year-old resident of Irkutsk. According to media reports, the suspect already pleaded guilty, and said the motive for the crime. The cause was a domestic issue. According to the suspect, the victim of too much Smoking, but he lacked fresh air. Because of this, between men there was a conflict. As a result, the Siberian welder cut into pieces.

According to media reports, in the capital, the suspect was driving a large housing official, and in Moscow, he moved recently. At the moment, the Siberian militiamen check on participation in other similar crimes committed in other regions of the Russian Federation.