Minooborony US prepare to fight with UFOs and zombies : In the World : Vladim

News 25 December, 2017

The Pentagon researchers are developing a plan for the invasion of killer robots, aliens, and zombies. The creation of these strange threats, there are billions of dollars.


The us military have seriously addressed the question of how to act will arise if the machine or there will be a zombie Apocalypse. “Now the residents can live in peace, Minooborony created a plan to combat the living dead”-jokingly commented on the leading American channel. At the moment the technology is not yet developed to combat such threats, but the Pentagon has ordered the creation of a special group.

The project requires huge sums of money, about a billion dollars, and employees are working day and night on development of a plan to rescue the country from the zombies, UFO’s, and other Apocalypses.