Miss France 2017: A big controversy breaks out

News 18 December, 2016

The election of Miss France knows its first big controversy. We’ll explain everything!

We just learned, Miss France 2017 Miss Guyana, Alicia Aylies! The young woman will become the ambassador of France for a year. But his role is not going to be any rest. The proof, the election has just faced his first polemic. It is the association Dare feminism! denouncing sexist election . In an interview with AFP, Claire Serre-Combe, spokesman for the association denounces before commissioning: “From unreal physical stereotypes, not to mention the cult of purity with competing boyfriends without such competition. a prime time, causes much suffering for other women who are not 1.75 m to 50 kilos ” .

Sonia Rolland, Miss France 2000!
Sonia Rolland , elected Miss France 2000 is not the same opinion. She confided to colleagues Liberation: “It offered me opportunities that I would not have dared to dream, especially for me, Burgundy Métis girl living in a council flat.” Since her election, Sonia Rolland has become an actress and director. It also emphasizes “the human adventure (…) with these girls who come from all social backgrounds, of all origins (…)” One thing is certain, the controversy has not finished swell. .. Otherwise, during the Miss France 2017 a candidate dropped live! And you meltynauts, what do you think of this polemic?