“Miss Karaganda-2017” donated to the orphanage a half a million tenge

News 16 December, 2017

The winner of the title “Miss Karaganda-2017” donated half a million tenge (approximately 880 thousand). On the eve of the 19-year-old Catherine Butler wrote about it in social networks.


Before the independence Day of beauty fulfilled the promise. “Miss Karaganda” said that three years ago came to the orphanage “Tansholpan” as a volunteer. And now he’s decided to donate his cash prize to the needs of pupils of that institution. The arrival of the most beautiful girls of Karaganda coincided with a charity concert. For children played musical collectives of Kazakhstan.

The Butler is studying at the Almaty University of international relations and world languages named after Abylai Khan. Catherine masters specialty “international relations”. In the administration of the orphanage said that the donated “Miss Karaganda-2017” the money will get the camera, musical instruments, and tools for clubs on applied art.