Mobile phones: the mythical Nokia 3310 soon back?

The former world number one mobile phone could revive the Nokia 3310, sold 126 million copies between 2000 and 2005.
Nostalgic snake parties should rejoice. The Nokia 3310, a must-have phone from the early 2000s, could reappear, according to anonymous sources interviewed by Venture Beat . HMD Global Oy is expected to make the announcement at the Mobile World Congress in late February in Barcelona. The Finnish designer acquired in May 2016 an exclusive license for ten years of the Nokia brand . He is in charge of the development and marketing of Nokia smartphones and tablets.

Released in 2000, the Nokia 3310 has been withdrawn from the market in 2005 when he was the “best selling phone in the world” , according to a statement of the time . This model has become mythical has passed to 126 million copies, which put end to end, would amount to tracing “a line between Helsinki (Finland) in Santiago (Chile) – that is more than 13,500 kilometers” , continued the statement. Renowned for its battery life, the phone has become a legend on the Internet for its shock resistance. Gifs, memes and videos put him in scene, thrown of 460 meters of altitude or passed the test of a drill …

World leader in mobile phones between 1998 and 2011
The updated version of the 3310 should only be released on the European market at first and would cost 59 euros, according to Venture Beat . With affordable prices, Nokia is trying to become a consumer brand again for its return to the phone market . The world’s number one mobile phone between 1998 and 2011, the Finnish man missed the turn of the smartphone, while the Apple iPhone met with success from its launch in 2007.

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In April 2014, the former juggernaut sold its mobile phones and tablets division to the American Microsoft for 5.4 billion euros. He then repositioned himself on telecom equipment. For its new models, like the Nokia 6, the brand has switched from Microsoft’s Windows operating system to Android, the most widespread system in the world. Current 2017, HMD Global Oy hopes to release “six or seven smartphones,” according to the site Phonandroid .

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