Model from USA lost both legs because of a tampon infection : In the World : Vladim

News 15 January, 2018

29-year-old American model has recently suffered the amputation of the second leg, first she removed after she received infectious shock due to the use of sanitary tampon in 2012, which was infected with staph.


Information about this woman has published on his page in social network Instagram. The model posted a picture, which it captured in a hospital bed, and next to her is a snowboarder, competing at the Paralympic games. She, too, lost his legs and moves using modern prostheses. The model appealed to the court. The girl demands that created the law that attracts manufacturers to justice, that they are serious about their responsibilities in the production of tampons.

According to statistics, in 80-e years of the XX century from infectious shock killed 38 women. In the early 2000-ies began a new wave of such diseases. In the XXI century, died eight residents of California due to the use of contaminated swabs.