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News 21 January, 2018
  • Photo Catherine Montambeault
    Dr. Laurie Betito, a psychologist specializing in sex therapy, is the author of the book The Sex Bible For People Over 50.

    Catherine Montambeault

    Saturday, 20 January, 2018 22:16

    Saturday, 20 January, 2018 22:16

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    The men were concerned more about their techniques of seduction, while women are less afraid to ask their limits since the movement #MoiAussi, see a specialist of sexuality.

    “What I notice is that men are more cautious as they approach the women. And it is a good thing ! ” lance Dr. Laurie Betito, a psychologist specializing in sex therapy and director of the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center.

    Encountered in the framework of the exhibition of the love and courtship that ended this weekend in Montreal, Dr. Betito says have observed several changes in the way men and women live their sexuality since the wave of denunciations of this fall.

    It is said that since the case Weinstein, several men have consulted to find out what courtship behaviours are appropriate.

    “What I tell them is that you simply must learn to recognize the signs that a person sends when she is not interested, and accept to say no. If you offer a woman a drink and she tells you “no thank you”, follow this answer and do not insist, ” she said.

    The women say they are

    “It doesn’t mean that men need to stop flirting, she says. They just need to learn the difference between flirting and being creepy ! “

    Women take on more control of their sexuality and express more openly their desires, argues Dr. Laurie Betito.

    “Before, we socialisait the girls by telling them they had to behave in a way to find a husband, that they were not to be dramatic or crying. But now, the girls are learning more and more to assert themselves in all aspects of their life, ” she says.

    According to it, the true gender equality is still far from being reached.

    “Even today, there is this double standard that a woman who takes charge of her sexuality and its pleasure is judged or faulted (slut-shaming), while a man who does the same is hailed. It is not equality. “


    Enthusiasts of BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism) are delighted also to see that the movement #MoiAussi has opened up the dialogue on the concept of consent. After all, the pre-set rules and consent are the basis of the practices of that community, argues Sara-Jay Bard.

    “It is for that reason that we don’t really like Fifty Shades of Grey, because the dominant goes beyond the consent, beyond the limits of the individual subject, this completely goes against the principles of BDSM,” says the adept.

    “In reality, the person who has the control, it is the person who receives it, not the one that dominates,” she continues. Because it is they who can withdraw his consent at any time. “


    The women carry their purchases to the rogues

    Photo Catherine Montambeault

    Mary lou Desmarteaux, Sexy and Cie

    As women assume more of their sexuality, they are more likely to prioritize their own fun with toys, kinky, reports the branch manager of an erotic lingerie store.

    For a long time, women were mortifiées to the idea that one discovers the erotic toys that were hiding at the bottom of their drawer. But gradually the taboos around these objects fade, note mary lou Desmarteaux, Sexy et Cie.

    “Women are more conscious about the importance of knowing their sex for their partner is then able to give them pleasure,” she says.

    “With the media coverage of the world of erotica, people are more curious,” she continues. One of the women 70 years of age who come to shop and tell us they have never had to erotic toys of their lives, but they want to try ! “

    Personal Satisfaction

    According to mary lou Desmarteaux, women still want to give pleasure to their partner, but grant now of equal importance to their personal satisfaction.

    “The concept of woman as object has long been that in bed, it was believed that the woman was there to give pleasure to the man,” she says. But now, women are much more in control and expect to be satisfied also. I think that the sexual life of the whole world will be much better since a few years thanks to it ! “

    New gadgets

    Among the new products erotic that are all the rage these days, were the ” pacemakers of fun by air “, which use air pressure rather than vibration to stimulate the targeted areas.

    The mobile application montreal Miss On the Go, which allows you to pure strangers control your vibrator from a distance, is also very popular, said dr. Desmarteaux.