Months of the prevention of fraud: the SQ urges caution

News 1 March, 2018
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    Thursday, march 1, 2018 10:18

    Thursday, march 1, 2018 10:40

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    On the occasion of the Month of the prevention of fraud, the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) invites the public to be extra cautious about schemes of fraud in financial institutions.

    The SQ invites citizens to always remain vigilant in respect of the transmission of personal information. The campaign “no one is immune to fraud” will deploy a number of outreach activities throughout the month of march in order to inform the citizens about identity fraud, payment card and internet fraud.

    According to the Canadian anti-fraud Centre (CAFC), the phishing type of fraud on the internet with the most victims in Quebec in 2017 (478 victims), has stated that the SQ in a press release.

    About 80 000 people are victims of phishing in the world.

    Prevention tips

    Be careful: do not send money was never, data bank or data related to your credit card to a person you do not know and who you don’t trust.

    Ask yourself questions: is what I am asked to provide information that I would not give usually, as my PIN?

    A simple verification with your banking institution can you avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

    Tell you: visit the website of the Canadian anti-fraud Centre to help protect against these types of fraud.