Montreal and Laval are$ 13 Million of collusion

News 12 March, 2018
    Tony Accurso, Contractor

    Laurence Houde-Roy

    Monday, march 12, 2018 22:27

    Monday, march 12, 2018 22:27

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    Believed to have lost tens of millions of dollars in the hands of Tony Accurso and his companies, the Montreal and Laval area will respectively find $ 8 million and $ 4.5 million of the share of Hexagon Group has acquired businesses of the entrepreneur in 2013.

    The partnership Louisbourg SBC, which brought together several companies of Tony Accurso, has carried out numerous infrastructure projects for the City of Montreal since 2008. It was acquired in 2013 by Hexagon Group.

    “The City believes that Hex is the resultant of the entities of the empire Accurso which have preceded it,” explains Montreal in documents. According to the City, all of these entities have participated in schemes to rig the rules of business competition in the context of the submissions filed in response to its tenders. “

    When Hexagon Group has announced that in 2016 no longer be solvent and has asked for court protection from its creditors, Montreal has immediately decided to withhold payment of invoices owed to the company for various contracts in order to regain the money that she believed to have lost in the collusion.

    Back in the chests

    On the $ 12 million that Montreal would have had to pay for these contracts and other records with a judicial background, the parties have agreed in an out of court settlement last week that only $ 4 million would be paid by the public administration. This amount corresponds to a “return” of$ 8 Million into the coffers of the City.

    Laval, who has entered into a settlement similar, say to want to invest the$ 4.5 Million that it has obtained from the Hexagon Group in its infrastructure projects.

    In July 2017, the City of Montreal had, however, valued at $ 42 million, the amount that it expected the company Hexagon as well as all entities of the empire of Tony Accurso, for amounts that would have been diverted unfairly in the context of public contracts.

    The regulation to find 8 M$ does so that the Hexagon Group. Montreal retains all of its remedies against all of the other entities of the group Accurso.