Montreal Impact: a good start which flies

Sport 23 November, 2016

imageMONTREAL – In conceding two goals in the second half, the Impact players have erased much of their dream start – a 3-0 cushion – to conclude the first leg of their association with Championship triumph 3-2 against Toronto FC.

While the party was well underway at the Olympic Stadium, visitors have calmed all with two costly successes in the space of five minutes (68 th and 73 th ).

Jozy Altidore was truly responsible for all the damage on the artificial surface. In addition to score the first goal, he shoved Victor Cabrera on the second before offering the goal to Michael Bradley.

Before this sequence, the Impact appeared headed for an impressive win in the first round of this duel. This revival of TFC CORRIERE DELLA SERA even the decisive return match which presented next week, Wednesday, November 30, at BMO Field in Toronto.

“We started very well in taking orders. Unfortunately, they came back with two goals when there was a lack of concentration. But nothing changes for us, we have to win and that’s our mentality, “ruled the coach Mauro Biello.

The Impact is doing, but celebrate

“You can not lose concentration, maybe it decreased a little plan. We have not well composed with the situation, but we played a good game, we dominated for 65 minutes then it just rectify, “analyzed the skipper Patrice Bernier.

During the 16-day break, the Impact players and their supporters have had ample time to imagine a perfect scenario. But even in their wildest dreams, they did not dare to imagine a 2-0 lead after just 12 minutes of action and 3-0 at the 53 th minute.

Before the launch of hostilities, Toronto had not yielded a goal in the 197 minutes of the previous action. This sequence has collapsed in the time to say against the fascinating speed of Dominic Oduro. Matteo Mancosu Oyongo and Ambrose were other vibrating the Olympic Stadium in its racoins scoring for Montreal.

However, the least one can say is that the Impact has botched all in what was his first appearance in the semifinals of the MLS. No doubt, the 61,004 spectators went through the whole range of emotions.

“A little harder It made things, but it’s a bit like our season, it’s always like that. It must be difficult for us, “noted Biello with a resignation button.

“I would not go up to congratulate my players after this defeat because there is still much to play soccer. By cons, they can feel good about the way they were able to get back into this confrontation because it did not look well at some point, “admitted Greg Vanney, the pilot of TFC.

The Impact still held up in contrast to his last outing before a crowd of this size against Club America in the CONCACAF Champions League.

Moreover, the dangerous Sebastian Giovinco was neutralized while Cabrera was in his legs throughout the evening.

Two goals allowed that hurt

At the 71 th minute, the legendary Didier Drogba has made its debut in a standing ovation in what was probably the closing of its Montreal chapter. He missed a golden chance in the 89 th minute to increase the lead club.

After the game, the organization honored him and he was able to thank the many supporters who remained in their seats. A few minutes later, he confirmed to the media that this season was the end of his chapter with the same impact if he decided to continue his career.

“Emotion was mixed with the result which was a bit frustrating, but we still won. We would have accepted this score before the game, but would have had to be more rigorous and 3-0 does not show release, “said Drogba.

Bernier was also warmly applauded when he gave way to Johan Venegas to the 87 th minute.

A unique and very embarrassing situation caused a delay of about 30 minutes while the players were ready to start the game. The kickoff was delayed to erase and repaint the lines of the penalty area that did not have the right dimensions.

Back on the aims of the Impact

In anticipation of the showdown against his enemy, members of Blue-white-black had recalled that the important thing was to position itself in an enviable environment for the return game.

Surprisingly, Biello rather insisted that his team would get the win. His plan was implemented with this sparkling first half. Thereafter, the Impact clung to its lead in annoying the pillars of TFC, especially Sebastian Giovinco who took Victor Cabrera in his legs throughout the evening.

From the 10 th minute, Oduro blew the crowd. A cross absolutely scholarly Bernier turning, Oduro decamped on the wing for the vigilance of Clint Irwin.

Bernier and Camara in the antechamber

As for the second goal, Oduro – even him – to spread the ball Ignacio Piatti makes work its magic to give a ball in the box. Quick as a panther – or the cat of your choice – Mancosu arose to complete the maneuver. You should have seen the frustration of the defender Drew Moor to understand how her partner Nick Hagglund had wandered about the game.

A normal lull then occurred, but the impact has not limited its offensive freedoms. Early in the second half, Oyongo managed a brilliant speech in the middle of land just before Giovinco. He raced for several meters before freezing the Toronto defense and goalkeeper to chain with a shot more accurate.

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