“Montreal is on the map” and 11 other citations of Denis Coderre to The beautiful Sunday

News 7 August, 2017
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    Philippe Melbourne Dufour

    Sunday, August 6, 2017 21:45

    Sunday, August 6, 2017 21:50

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    Denis Coderre was on a visit to the show The beautiful Sunday on the airwaves by Radio-Canada Tv this Sunday.

    The man who hopes to win a second term as mayor of Montreal has discussed several topics with the facilitators of the show, Jean-Philippe Wauthier and Rebecca Makonnen, including the controversial Grand-Prix, formula E, held in Montreal last week.

    Here are 11 quotes from the mayor that caught our attention:

    1. It was declared a city of Sanctuary, it is already very welcoming. We are not like the walls, we love the bridges.
    In response to the massive wave of refugees who arrived in Montreal from the United States.

    2. We just beat the number of tourists to Expo 67.

    3. Montreal is on the map.

    4. If you want less traffic congestion, although it will take more electrification.

    5. It is in the process of transforming, we are in the process of giving a city worthy of the name, and at some point, it is necessary to make events accordingly.

    6. It has cost this year of $ 5 million, it has made purchases in the long term dividing on the next 6 years. Next year it’s going to cost on average $ 2.5 million.

    7. I do excuserai ever to make sure that we can make this city even more fantastic.

    8. When I arrived in municipal politics… I had trouble in Montreal.

    9. I think it has become relevant again and powerful and above all inescapable. We are in the process of giving a status of a metropolis.

    10. At some point, the cursed labyrinth and the pointing finger pis to say that one is born for a little bread, that will do.

    11. I want that we have parity between men and women at the level of the candidates. Need to stop being cynical, there is nothing more noble and more magnificent than to have the trust of the people.

    12. I am a mayor who will never say: “I was not aware of.”