Montreal put up a table on the diversity

News 19 March, 2018

    Sarah Daoust-Braun

    Monday, 19 march 2018, 19:18

    Monday, 19 march 2018, 19:18

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    The mayor Valerie Plant on Monday presented the 15 members of his new table on diversity, which will develop an action plan to make the public service more representative of the population of montreal.

    The Table on the diversity, inclusion and the fight against discrimination is chaired by the sociologist and researcher at the Centre for research on immigration, ethnicity and citizenship at the University of Quebec at Montreal, Myrlande Pierre.

    They also include the members of the new commissioner for relations with aboriginal Peoples in the City of Montreal, Marie-Eve Bordeleau, director general of the Conseil québécois LGBT Marie-Pier Boisvert, and the specialist issues of universal accessibility Marie Turcotte.

    The group will have to submit within one year a plan of action to make the metropolis more inclusive, by improving, among others, the employability of individuals from the diversity in the City of Montreal.

    The Table should also put in place the recommendations of the Commission on racial and social profiling.

    Questioned on issues to be addressed in priority, Myrlande Pierre has indicated a wish to endow Montreal with a first intercultural policy.