Montreal: Roads to avoid during the weekend

News 18 August, 2017
  • QMI agency

    Friday, 18 August, 2017 09:02

    Friday, 18 August, 2017 09:06

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    In order to avoid congestion on the road network of the metropolitan area, motorists will take note of the many obstacles of the weekend.

    The Honoré-Mercier bridge will be closed in both directions Friday 23 p.m. to Saturday, 5 h. It should be noted that the first tract will be removed as of 21 h.

    Sunday 7: 20 a.m., drivers wishing to travel on the South Shore will have to avoid the Victoria bridge, as this route will be closed.

    Turcot Interchange

    Work continues on the Turcot interchange, while the interchange for highway 15 north (Décarie) to highway 720 west will not be accessible from Friday 23: 59 to Monday, 5 h.

    On highway 15 south (Decarie), it will be impossible to take the junction leading to the highway 136 east (highway 720 east/city centre) Friday 23: 30 to Monday, 5 h.

    In addition, motorists travelling on the highway 20 east (from Memory) will not be able to take the ramp leading to the highway 136 east (highway 720 east/city centre) from Friday 23: 30 pm until Monday, 5 pm..

    Interchange Saint-Pierre

    The exchanger St-Pierre will not be left out because the ramp from route 138 east (from the Honoré-Mercier bridge) to highway 20 east will be closed to traffic from Saturday 5 a.m. to Monday 5 h.

    Highway 20 east will be amputated of two of three lanes between the interchange St Peter’s and the boulevard Angrignon Friday 23: 59 to Monday, 5 h.


    Highway a-720 east (Ville-Marie) will not be immune to the work so that at the tunnel exit, exit number 6 (Berri street) will be closed from Friday 22 p.m. to Monday, 5 h.

    The Notre-Dame street West will not be an option for motorists between the boulevard Monk, and street Saint-Rémi Friday 20 a.m. to Monday 5 a.m. since it will be completely closed.

    Same thing for the Notre-Dame street between Duke street and Nazareth.

    North shore and South Shore

    There is not only Montreal that motorists have a headache, those of the North Shore and the South Shore will have their during the end of the week.

    Highway 50 will be closed in both directions between exits 285 (boulevard Henri-Fabre) and 279 (Saint-Colomban, chemin Saint-Simon) Sunday between 21 h and 5-h.

    This Sunday, the route 117 to the height of Mont-Tremblant will be closed northbound due to the Ironman between km 117 and km 143. Barriers will also be expected to Design and Labelle. In addition to route 117, montée Ryan and chemin Duplessis will also be hampered.

    In the Montérégie region, the autoroute René-Lévesque (132) will see its number of lanes reduced from three to one to the height of the Champlain bridge in Brossard Friday 22 p.m. to Monday, 1 h.

    It should be noted that the Marie-Victorin boulevard East will be reduced to one lane on both at the same time however, it will be completely closed from Friday 23 p.m. to Saturday 1 p.m. and Sunday, 23: Monday 1 h.