Montreal, the second-best city in the world for the millénariaux, according to a study

News 1 March, 2018

    Marc-Antoine Turcotte

    Thursday, march 1, 2018 10:46

    Thursday, march 1, 2018 10:46

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    Montreal is the second largest city is best suited to millénariaux, in particular because of its openness to immigrants, the LGBT+, the vibrant night life and its festivals.

    Nestpick, a search engine of furnished apartments Berlin-based, has led to the study according to four major categories, divided into 17 factors: a favourable environment for the establishment of businesses, the essentials (including the price of the apartments, the food and the quality of the academic institutions), entertainment, and the opening.

    The company, which has accompanied many young adults in their moves, noticed that they were more likely to migrate after their studies. The study, therefore, aims to determine which cities attract with success this generation.

    Although Montréal is positioned second in the general classification, it is not part of the top 10 in regards to the launching of businesses or essential.

    The prices of apartments (40th), food (54th) as well as the efficiency of the public transport (67th) have prevented Montreal from getting first.

    It is at the level of his “nightlife” (14th), festival (10th), its tolerance towards immigrants (4th), liberty (20th), and respect of the LGBT+ (5th) that the metropolis stands out.

    Two other canadian cities are part of the top 10: Toronto and Vancouver, respectively in fifth and sixth position. This is the best result, all countries combined.

    Berlin sits at the top of that list.

    Here is the complete table of notes for Montreal, as well as the top 20 established by Nestpick (in English).



    In the calculation of scores, the critical count for 30%, the opening and businesses to 25% and entertainment to 20%.

    They have been assigned according to various sources, very credible, including, among others, the united nations and the world health Organization.

    The complete results are available here.