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News 7 September, 2017
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    MONTREAL | The number of high school students who attend the private school continues to increase according to the Institute of research and socio-economic information (IRIS) in a note published Thursday.

    In 2001-2002, 28% of students high-school students turned to private schools. “Thirteen years later, it’s almost four students out of ten who are in this situation, said Philippe Hurteau, researcher at the IRIS and co-author of the note. With the concentration of private schools in some regions, it is not impossible that, for a region such as Montreal, this ratio already exceeds 50%.”

    “This two-tier system does that produce and reproduce inequality, for its part, mentioned Anne-Marie Duclos, researcher-associated with the IRIS and also the co-author of the note. In fact, 72 % of the students who attend a private school from an advantaged environment (family income of $ 100,000 and more) while the students who come from low-income families (family income of less than $ 50,000 per year) represent only 7 % of the workforce. “

    The researchers believe that the Quebec education system is an elitist. “While the ‘market share’ of the private school at the secondary level increased from 16.8% to 21 % in 13 years, the success rate among young people has decreased slightly in the private sector from 98.1% to 96.2 % between 2011 and 2015, and has fallen from 91.8 % to 83.6 % for the young people enrolled to the public, a significant decline of 8.2 points. In short, to put the privileged children and is gifted in the same classes to a share fails to improve their performance, but remove them from the school common night to the other,” added Philippe Hurteau.


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