More geeks than ever

News 9 July, 2017
  • Catherine Montambeault

    Sunday, 9 July, 2017 23:15

    Sunday, 9 July, 2017 23:15

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    A giant of seven feet, a Hulk with muscles swollen and a clown incredibly terrifying : these are some of the characters that were chosen to embody the 58 000 geeks who have converged on the Palais des congrès this weekend for the edition run of the Comiccon of Montreal.

    While the event was being held for the ninth year, fans of video games, comic books and science fiction have been more numerous than ever before to scroll to them in their most beautiful costumes.

    According to Elizabeth Jutras, communications director and co-founder of Comiccon of Montréal, the popularity of this edition would be attributable mainly to the major headliners who were present.

    John Rhys-Davies, the best friend of Indiana Jones, and Gimli in the Lord of The rings, has delighted the audience with his great generosity. Patrick Stewart, professor venerable X-Men, and David Tennant, the tenth doctor in Doctor Who, has also attracted the crowds.


    Hundreds of hours of work

    Photo Catherine Montambeault

    Uliana Ulyanko, Estelle Foisy and Josée de Bellefeuille spent each nearly 500 hours of work making costumes for the video game League of Legends that they wore on Sunday.

    By far, the three friends of the Montreal seemed to be clad in real armor, metal. In truth, their costumes and their weapons had been entirely hand-made from thermoplastic and foam sheets.

    “When using thermoplastic, it can cost us 300 or $ 400 per suit, said Estelle. But for those, we used mostly EVA foam, a material that costs much less expensive and we mold it with a rifle to heat. “

    Victims of their popularity

    Photo Catherine Montambeault

    Even if they are made at Comiccon Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Meagan Kelly and Emily Racette does not have actually spent a few minutes inside the Palace of congress in the course of the weekend.

    As soon as the two friends in montreal approached the conference centre on Friday, dressed as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, dozens of people gathered around them to take a picture. This ride continued until the end of the day, Sunday, while young women aged 24 and 23 years old were female versions of Hercules and Hades. “So many people want to take pictures with us, it is the most beautiful compliment that we can receive,” said Emily Racette, who was holding on a leash a replica of Cerberus, the dog with three heads from Greek mythology.

    The characters in his novel come to life

    Photo Catherine Montambeault

    To promote his first novel, The Awakening, the author Atriana Reeves has given life to characters that she has created by asking the actors to embody them.

    So these are seven men and women, more mysterious than the others who walked alongside of Montreal on the occasion of the Comiccon. Those are from the saga Ze-ther, of which the first volume was published last November.

    “It is a science-fiction, in the style of The Matrix and Hunger Games, which will become a web series in the near future, announced Atriana Reeves. However, I can’t even tell where it’s going to be released. We also made a comic, which will come out in the fall. “