More of medication to the alleged perpetrator of a spree of deadly

News 19 July, 2017
    Frederick Gingras

    Claudia Berthiaume

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 12:31

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 19:32

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    Due to its instability in jail, the authorities have increased the dose of antipsychotics by the young man accused of engaging in a spree killing in Montreal, last December.

    This is what the lawyer of Frederick Gingras told the court on Tuesday.

    The young man is facing two counts of murder premeditated in the place of James Garden and Chantal Cyr. He is also accused of two attempted murders.

    Gingras, who is suffering from schizophrenia, has been found fit to stand trial last December.

    The preliminary investigation of the a man of 22 years was originally scheduled to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, at the palais de justice of Montreal. This step aims to determine whether the Crown’s evidence is sufficient for a trial.

    However, the process has been postponed until next November, “because of the mental state” of Frederick Gingras.

    Me Kaven Morasse said to the judge Mélanie Hébert that the dose of antipsychotic drugs his client had been increased recently due to a period of instability in detention.

    Follow-up tight

    The accused will be the subject of a close monitoring during the coming weeks to see if the new medication is bearing fruit.

    In these circumstances, ms. Catherine Perreault, of the Crown, has consented to the postponement of the hearing.

    Relatives of the accused and the victims were moved to the palais de justice in Montreal on Tuesday.

    December 5, Gingras would have first killed his friend James Garden in an apartment Montreal-East. He then allegedly shot and killed Chantal Cyr, a mother of 49 years, after stealing her car to flee.