More parcels to deliver than ever

News 16 December, 2017
  • Photo Marie-Ève Dumont
    Guy Morrissette, manager at Canada Post advises people to go quickly to pick up their parcels in order to avoid the accumulation in the postal outlets.

    Marie-Eve Dumont

    Friday, 15 December 2017 18:44

    Friday, 15 December 2017 18:44

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    Canada post is buried in the packages as the Holidays approach. The factors that are expected to deliver around 65 million packets this year in just two months, the ” never-seen “.

    The Crown corporation expects to deliver 20 % more parcels in the country in November and December than at the same date last year, and double that in 2012.

    “These figures are not surprising since one buys massively online. Three-quarters of what they [the consumer] shall procure that require a physical delivery, ” explains Guillaume Ducharme, a spokesperson for the Centre facilitating research and innovation in organizations (CEFRIO).

    The major part of this distribution is done through Canada Post rather than through other shipping companies, ” added Mr. Ducharme.

    1 million per day

    Since 14 November, Canada Post carries more than a million packages each day.

    “This year will certainly be a never-before-seen,” says Philipe Legault, a spokesperson for the Crown corporation.

    Some postal outlets do not know where to put the boxes and others have extended their opening hours to meet demand.

    In Montreal, the packages are delivered during the weekend since the 12 November.

    To cope with this increase in demand, Canada Post has notably rented 1000 more vehicles and hired 3000 temporary workers.

    “E-commerce is growing about 30% per year. Part of it is in-store pickup, but the residual is transformed into little boxes that we must bring to the client ” insists Jacques Nantel, professor at HEC Montreal.

    22 % on Amazon

    Online purchases are most often on sites outside of Quebec. The american Amazon is the most popular and racked up 22 % of transactions, according to figures from the ORGANIZATION.

    “If we add Amazon and eBay, one obtains one-third of the number of online purchases made by Quebecers,” said Mr. Ducharme.

    The dealer in us who sells the most is Simons and he only wins 1 % of purchases, according to a new report by the CEFRIO. The Quebec buy so there are very few local products online.

    The experts who predicted the end of the post when the decline in a drastic letter-to the benefit of the internet communications are now combined.

    “The delivery of parcels due to e-commerce saves the position, absolutely,” concludes Guillaume Ducharme, of the CEFRIO.