More than $ 130,000 to a victim of the shooting at the mosque of Quebec

News 26 December, 2017
  • Simon Clark / Journal de Quebec / QMI Agency
    Aymen Derbali at the Institut de réadaptation en déficience physique de Québec, in July 2017.

    QMI agency

    Tuesday December 26, 2017 04:22

    Tuesday December 26, 2017 04:22

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    QUEBEC | Aymen Derbali, one of the wounded who survived the bombing of the islamic Centre cultural, Quebec, will receive more than $ 130,000 in donations from Canadians moved by his story following a story in the “Globe and Mail”.

    During the attack on the grand mosque, on 29th January, Mr. Derbali has been reached seven bullets when he attempted to attract the attention of the shooter to him to protect the other faithful. One of the balls has reached to the spinal cord, paralyzing the lower body. Plunged into a coma for two months, he finally awoke to learn that he will never walk again.
    Aymen Derbali remains today at the Institut de réadaptation en déficience physique de Québec, where he task of relearning to live with the effects of his injuries.
    The publication of a report of the “Globe” depicting the portrait of M. Derbali last week has prompted members of the muslim community of Toronto to launch a campaign of sociofinancement on the site LaunchGood. In barely a week, more than 1,500 donors had contributed over $ 130,000, effective Tuesday morning.
    The authors of the campaign wish to raise 400 000 $ by January 28, 2018, on the eve of the first anniversary of the bombing, to help the man, 41-year-old to buy a house which will be tailored to his or her disability.
    Arrived in Quebec in 2001, Aymen Derbali is a specialist in information technology. He has a wife and is a father of three children.
    The bombing of the great mosque of Quebec had been six dead and eight injured. The trial of the alleged perpetrator of the shooting, Alexander Bissonnette, should open in march 2018.