More than 300 people got sick with the stomach flu during a cruise in the Caribbean

News 17 December, 2017

Published December 11, from Florida USA cruise ship “Independence of the Seas” 5 with 547 passengers on Board caught an intestinal infection. According to the representative of the company Royal Caribbean, which owns the vessel, Owen Torres, the court turned to the side to the doctors on Wednesday. Immediately after the first call, the passengers were informed about the adoption of precautionary measures of infection on Board.


Torres notes that all the applicants were assisted. The number of patients was 322 persons is 5.99 percent milestones of passengers. But, back liner, the passengers were told in an interview that cases had much more than lead the company.

“It was just awful! The number of people who complained of vomiting and diarrhea was much more claimed,” says Tracey Flores, the passenger. And he has every reason to make such statements, because his son, who is 15 years ended up in the infirmary. The stories of passengers, not everyone was able to seek medical help due to busy doctors.


Although the representative of Royal Caribbean made a statement that on arrival in port, the ship will be full disinfection, note: the cruise ships of the United States, traveling to the Caribbean, this is not the first case of infection of passengers intestinal infections.