More than 50% of Britons do not want the arrival of trump

News 13 December, 2017

Over 50% of Britons don’t want the President of the United States Donald trump visited the United Kingdom. They advocate for the abolition of the state visit of the American leader in the UK. Such data are published by the Independent, referring to the survey conducted by BMG Research.


Dissatisfaction with the subjects of Her Majesty caused the publication trump in Twitter links to a video denigrating Muslims. On one of the rollers, alleged Muslim attack people. Another video demonstrates how Muslims destroy virgin Mary statue. The authenticity of the head of the British far-right organization Britain First Jidai Francena not proven.

Sociologists asked the opinion of people in the UK about the planned visit of the President of the United States. 48% of respondents voted “Yes”, 21% percent of study participants are unable to determine the answer. 31% of respondents were against the arrival of trump in the country. The reluctance to welcome the US President in his state explained to the British publication, most of those clips.