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News 31 March, 2018
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    Saturday, 31 march 2018, 10:08

    Saturday, 31 march 2018, 10:11

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    QUEBEC | It remains only a month to Quebec to send their income tax return for the year 2017 to Revenu Québec.

    Taxpayers who intend to declare income from the business, however, have an additional 45 days to do so, until 15 June, reminds us of a statement from the government agency.

    The declaration can be completed on paper or electronically. The proportion of reports submitted electronically has increased to 90% in 2018, compared to 87 % in 2017, on the same date.

    Revenu Québec held by two chat sessions on its page Facebook, the 4 and 19 April next. Experts of the customer service representatives will be available to respond to user questions, live.

    In addition to this tool, which returns for a second year, the opening hours of the customer service of Revenu Québec, will be from 8 h to 18 h from Monday to Friday and up to 20 h Monday, April 30.

    Revenu Québec advises people who produce their own income tax return, be aware of any changes relating to the taxable year in 2017.

    Among these changes, the increase in the basic personal amount of 11 550 $ 14 890 $, the extension of the period of eligibility for the tax credit RénoVert and the drop from 64 to 63 years, the age of eligibility for the tax credit for workers.

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