Moreirense vs Porto live streaming free: preview, prediction

News 21 May, 2017

Moreirense vs Porto live streaming free
“Moreyrense” – “Porto”. The upcoming fight will not be a pass-through for “Moreiring”. The team is desperately fighting for survival. She needs to cling to her glasses to protect herself from relegation. “Porto”, despite the lack of tournament tasks, will strive to the maximum result, so that on a positive note to complete the failed season.

Moreirense vs Porto preview
“Moreerense”, in contrast to his opponent, the season in the active itself can record, despite the unenviable position in the championship of Portugal. The team, having achieved a triumph in the League Cup, won the first serious trophy in its history. Only resting on her laurels, she started a few cases in the Primera league. Only after the lose-lose series reached ten matches “green-white” intensified. Before the last round, they have not yet secured a residence permit in the top division, ahead of the “Tondela” by only one point. In the five last meetings, the wards of Augusto Inacio did not concede to their rivals. Quite confidently in their own stadium they feel themselves. This year, in their field, they lost only to Sporting and Benfica, with a minimal difference in the score. Central defender Diego Galo will serve a disqualification. Health problems exist for the defensive midfielder Fernando Alejandra and the left winger Usman Drama.

Moreirense vs Porto prediction
“Port” and could not replenish his club museum trophy. The last hope the team lost in the last round of the Portuguese championship, behind the unreachable distance from Benfica. Even a confident win at home over the “Pasush de Ferreira” (4: 1) did not help the team to rise above second place. Under serious pressure is Nuno Santo, whose prospects are very vague. Recently, his wards were not in the best condition. In the last eight rounds, they split the world five times with their rivals. It was very difficult to expect such victories for the championship crown. Not very bright picture and away from home looms. Only one victory was achieved by the “dragons” in the last five guest meetings in different tournaments. The losses of the “blue-white” are not critical. Restored goalkeeper Joao Costa is reestablished. Perhaps, the defensive midfielder Danilo Pereira will not play.

Conclusion: both opponents must be very serious in their fight, but the winner of the League Cup will have more motivation. The tournament position obliges him to strive for the maximum result. “Moreiraense” runs the risk of dropping in the class. “Port” must complete the season on a positive note. Another misfire could adversely affect the prospects of Nuno Santu. In the last two full-time matches on the road “dragons” did not win.