Moscow taxi driver offered to the customer to pay with sex for travel

News 7 December, 2017

One of the taxi drivers in Moscow offered to the customer, which did not have enough money to pay the fare in kind. The girl almost became a victim of rape.


The incident occurred on Sunday, December 3. A resident of Moscow decided to take a taxi and called the car. But when 29-year-old girl drove to the destination, it turned out that she did not have enough money to pay. The taxi driver offered her to have sex. So client almost became a victim of rape. The girl managed to call relatives and report the situation, realizing this, the driver just pushed her out of the car and fled in an unknown direction.

Law enforcement authorities asked the brother of the victim, soon the application was written by the girl herself. She also reported that the taxi driver took her cell phone. In fact what happened is checked, the police establishes the identity of the driver.