Mother put up for sale the sexual services of his daughter and niece : Crime news : Vladim

News 23 January, 2018

Forces of the Argentine law enforcement agencies were stopped the illegal activities to provide sexual services. Police arrested a mother who was selling the sexual services of his niece and 15-year-old daughter on the Internet.


After police found the author who submitted the advertisement on the website providing paid sexual services and offered quality goods of 15-year-old girl, law enforcement officers conducted a thorough search in the house of criminals. During the search the police managed to locate the cash, which the enterprising woman took with customers, as well as various sex toys and sexy outfits for role-playing games that she forced the girls to use in their “work” and a baby born to one of the girls.


It has appeared, girls came to the woman for the Christmas holiday, after which it arranged your home for customer service, and the girls were forced into prostitution. In one session with her daughter, or her niece, she demanded 1500 pesos (4500 rubles).