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5 years after his death, the wife of Mouss Diouf makes him, once again, a tribute was very moving on the social networks.

It was on July 7, 2012. Mouss Diouf, in a coma for several days, died at Marseilles, surrounded by his family. The actor, well known to the general public for his role of NGuma in the television series Julie Lescaut, was the victim of two strokes in February and June 2009.

Since his departure, his wife Sandrine has never stopped thinking about him. Together, they had a little boy named Isaac. On Twitter, she has recently bred a new time the photos as a tribute to her deceased husband. On July 4, she was posting this message : “I hate this week, and yet… our son is a happy young man ” accompanied by the hashtag “ I miss You so much “. The next day, she would post another photo of his son, from the back, cycling with a comment : “Because it’s there, because it is wonderful “. Thursday, July 6, she published a new text, very moving : “Still a sleepless night, unable to forget you… I miss You more and more. It is as if it was yesterday. ” Other photos were subsequently posted, Sandrine Diouf evoking many times the painful absence of her husband, despite the years that pass.

A tribute that has affected much of the internet users. In response to this moving testimony, many messages of support have multiplied on social networks. “Courage to the family “, or even ” heart is with you all , “read in comments of the pictures posted by Sandrine Diouf.

Beyond ❤️

— Sandrine Diouf (@100drinediouf) July 7, 2017

1: 50pm, 5 years ago that I keep thinking of you my love #07072012

— Sandrine Diouf (@100drinediouf) July 7, 2017

Yet a sleepless night, unable to forget you … I miss You more and more. It is like it was yesterday Nothing has changed

— Sandrine Diouf (@100drinediouf) July 6, 2017Mouss DioufSandrine Diouf

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