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Considered a fully-fledged member of the family of TPMP by the viewers of C8, Mokhtar has not appreciated that a manufacturing company makes packages of condoms in her effigy. The vigil is now threatening to lodge a complaint against the company responsible.

Usually smiling and in a good mood, even if it happens to him at times to be annoyed by the comments of some columnists, Mokhtar, the vigil official of the show not Touch my post! (TPMP), was very evil taken of the fact that his image is used without their consent. According to the newspaper le Parisien, the great friend of Cyril Hanouna has found that his portrait had been printed by a company on the packaging of condoms. According to the daily, the security guard would now be ready to file a complaint. Only problem, Cyril Hanouna is perhaps the origin of the case.

In its edition of Thursday, the newspaper of the capital reveals that the company managing the interests of Mukhtar sent a letter to the company Calvinn Condom Collector. She requested that the product be removed from the database of the trader and that its production is stopped more quickly. In case of refusal, it shall file a complaint for ” infringement of reputation “, citing the right to privacy as an argument. A big and bad surprise for Stéphane Calleja, the boss of the company at the origin of the condom in question. Interviewed by le Parisien, the boss has revealed that this product was initially ordered by the company production of Cyril Hanouna, the past year, to celebrate the last issue of TPMPof the season. The facilitator was then asked a series of condoms bearing the likeness of its columnists is to be published. The objects in question had finally seen the light of day during the broadcast of the program. A year later, Stéphane Calleja was therefore surprised of the received mail as he assures Paris that these products have never been marketed and that they are not more visible on its website. The head of the company, therefore, believes that the product ” had to go hand-in-hand, and its existence is returned to the ears of Mokthar “. Surprised by the reaction of the vigil, it ensures that stay at its entire disposal in the future.

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