Murder of Lyne Massicotte: Alain Perreault fails in Court of appeal

News 12 March, 2018
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    Alain Perreault

    Kathleen Frenette

    Monday, 12 march 2018, 11:32

    Monday, 12 march 2018, 11:32

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    The folder of the murderer of Lyne Massicotte likely comes to an end, since the Court of appeal accepted, Monday morning, the motion to dismiss the appeal filed by the Crown.

    In September 2016, after a second trial, Alain Perreault was found guilty by 12 of his peers of first-degree murder of a mother of a family of Chambly, coming to join him at Quebec in July of 2003.

    At the time, the single mother 43-year-old had made the acquaintance of Perreault via a dating website and, after coming to Québec, it had not been reviewed.

    Suspect number one, Perreault had been met by investigators from the police Service of Quebec City on more than one occasion, but no charges had been increased.

    Seven years later, at the end of a police operation Mr. Big, Perreault was arrested and charged, and in February 2011, he was found guilty, a first-time, first-degree murder.

    Following a decision of the supreme Court, the Court of appeal had ordered a second trial to take place and, at the end of it, He was again found guilty.

    Before this, He was again wanted to bring the case before the Court of appeal.

    However, being without a lawyer since the death of the one who had been before, the murderer has failed to meet the requirements requested by the Court and, in so doing, the Crown has filed a motion to dismiss the appeal, which was granted.

    “There is no justice in Canada”, then said the murderer before sending to walk to the bench of judges.

    More details to come…